Ljusterö: Summary

After two prior attempts, third time’s the charm. This is, finally, a rather successful attempt at making a pair of shoes for my mother. They are named after the largest island in the Stockholm Archipelago.

This is a display of the finished shoes. In the construction post, I describe how they were made.

I enjoy making seamless heel designs. These are also the tallest heels I’ve ever built.

In nature:

To maximize their potential for use, I put on a 1.8 mm rubber sheeting onto the hand stitched leather outsoles.

On my decking, getting the most out of the shine:

All above images were captured outdoors in rich amounts of natural light. The image below was taken in indoor lighting after sunset, on the feet of the recipient. In the lighting below, the shoes look positively black. This is of course only a trick, cleverly played by the boxcalf.


Uppers: Tanneries du Puy boxcalf, from Kolde leder
Lining: 2 oz veg tanned baby calf
Insoles: 4.5 mm dorsal
Outsoles: 9-10 oz hard outsole leather, with 1.8 mm rubber topy sheeting
Toe/heel stiffeners: 5 oz from Tärnsjö Garveri


  1. Wow!! Such a masterwork. I will love to learn how to make shoes one day when I get the (rare) opportunity to travel to Sweden.


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