• Bespoke Shoemaking” – often described as the guide to bespoke shoemaking, by Tim Skyrme.
  • How to make a shoe by hand” – video series by Andrew Wrigley. Watching this is what got me started.
  • Handmade shoes for men” – book by Laszlo Vass and Magda Molnár (not a “how to” book, but an interesting read nevertheless).
  • Footwear Makers Forum on facebook – a splendid resource, where professional shoemakers (and wannabe hangarounds like myself) gather for thought exchange.
  • Carreducker – a bespoke shoemaking blog written by pros, with lots of valuable information.
  • G&G Bespoke report, part 4 – a long article by Jesper Ingevaldsson at shoegazing, where he follows Daniel Wegan during the making of a bespoke pair of shoes.

Shoemaking supplies

  • Leather Online – Italian leather retailer with good prices; a great option for a first couple of shoes.
  • Kolde Leder – German leather supplier stocking the worlds best tanneries at good prices.
  • A&A Crack & Sons – UK leather supplier stocking the worlds best brand tanneries.
  • Leather & Grindery – UK shoemaking and shoe repair supplies, stocking stuff you are unlikely to find at the grocery store (like shoe shanks and Rendenbach soles).
  • Springline – World class Northampton lastmakers.
  • J&FJ Baker & Co Ltd (aka. “Baker”) – British leather manufacturer, famous among other things for their rough stuff, like oak bark tanned insole shoulders.
  • Leder & Sattlerbedarf (DS Leder) – a German site stocking tools, Hirschkleber shoemaking paste, rubber and contact cement, leather dye, etc.
  • Shoetechnik – stocking basic shoemaking tools (like this one) and related items at competitive prices.
  • eBay – goes without saying, but eBay has lots of stuff, from vintage tools to sewing thread.
  • Shoe Accessories – shomaking and repair supplies website available only in Dutch (which can be interpreted using Google Translate).
  • Hurtszewski – Polish shoemaking supplies (I have yet to test this one; leaving the link here as a reminder to myself)
  • TRL Lawman – UK Supply shop that I have yet to try; leaving the link here as a reminder.
  • Algeos – Another UK supply shop that I also have yet to try, leaving the link here as a reminder.
  • Sevilla – same here: another UK supply shop I haven’t tried.