Arkham: Summary

I’ve had a long summer break from shoemaking – much longer than I would have preferred. In short, I blame 2020 being a crap year all around. I made the pattern design for these shoes four months ago to the day. In the construction post, I describe how they were made.

And so, without further ado, I present Arkham.

03 Porch

I took a trip to my abandoned gravel pit of choice for a photo shoot.

11 Grustag pipes

I absolutely love the way this Weinheimer boxcalf looks, and think it really makes the shoes “pop”. Now I don’t ever want to go back to non-premium leather.

12 Grustag buske

Playing around with ways to photograph a shoe. “Only if you’re comfortable with it.”

13 Tire

A closeup of the toe and outsole stitching.

15 Toe closeup

And a closer look at that face:

17 Face

The seamless heel was a real challenge in this super firm leather, and if you look closely you will see some places where wrinkles extend above the feather. Not great, not terrible. I still think it turned out pretty good:

18 Heels

I wasn’t going to do black outsoles, but I messed up a bit while dying the sole edges and thought “what the heck”. Still turned out pretty cool, IMO.

00 Outsoles

I have only done mild and tasteful image editing with all the above images – stuff like correcting lighting and sharpness to a small degree. I haven’t edited anything to cover up any mistakes, or to make the shoes look like something that differs from reality. The image below, however, is 100% unedited. It’s only been scaled down for size, which wordpress does anyway to make it fit the column. So, it hasn’t even been cropped – let alone had any changes to any ligthing, sharpness, color, contrast, etc. It’s straight from the camera, without any filter or special settings. To me, this looks quite unbelievable, as if someone spent too long tinkering with the color balance and became color blind in the process. But no – this is just what Weinheimer leather will do in the right ligthing:



Construction: English welted
Weinheimer boxcalf in black
Lining: 2 oz veg tanned baby calf
Insoles: J&FJ Baker
Outsoles: J. Rendenbach
Toe/heel stiffeners: 5 oz from Tärnsjö Garveri
Welt: natural welting leather from Leather & Grindery
Shank: Plastic
Heel lifts: 5 mm, mainly
Sockliner: dunno, something I had lying around the shop


  1. That Weinheimer leather is simply gorgeous! You said you bought it direct from Weinheimer themselves? I can only find an ordering sheet with a minimum order of 1000 sqft… I’m glad that you have progressed to premium leathers, as the work you put into the shoes truly deserves it! These, along with several of your later shoes are just stunning, you must be extremely pleased with your progress! Kindest regards from Australia, Alexander.


    • Thank you very much, Alexander, and sorry for the late reply! Indeed, I bought it directly from Weinheimer. I don’t remember exactly what order form I used, but if you are interested to order just a single skin, I would advise that you simply contact them about it and I’m sure they will be able to help. I am also very glad that I’ve moved on to premium leathers, and thank you for the kind words about my work! I am indeed pleased thus far, although I also acknowledge that there is very much that I can develop and continue to try and perfect. 🙂 Best regards from Sweden! @alexanderdylanthomas


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