Lisa: Summary

Born out of the four elements and apeiron, Lisa is ready to walk the earth.

Only hand-held tools were used in production. This post is a display of the finished shoes – in the construction article I describe how they were made.

Lisa shoes.jpg

Here’s a shot from another angle:

Lisa black angle.jpg

And a close up:

Lisa black toe cap.jpg

I dyed the visible part of the outsoles pink to complement the design:

Lisa outsoles.jpg

And here they are in the wild, on the feet of the recipient:

Lisa outdoors.jpg

Posing together with the handbag “Lisa“, made to match:

shoes and hadbag.jpg


Construction: handmade with hand-held tools, English welted
Vintage C. Behrens Alfeld Schutzmarke, off German ebay, size 41
4 oz black calf + 3 oz brush-off pink calf
Lining: 2 oz vegetable tanned crust baby calf
Top beads: 1 oz chrome tanned baby calf, black
Tongues: 3 oz brush-off black calf
Insoles: 12-13 oz vegetable tanned crust calf butt
Sockliner: 4 oz vegetable tanned crust calf side
Outsoles: 9-10 oz vegetable tanned calf butt
Stick-on soles: Vibram 1.8 mm
Toe/heel stiffeners:  4 oz vegetable tanned split calf side
Rand/welt combo piece: 5 oz vegetable tanned crust shoulder
Second rand: 5-6 oz vegetable tanned split shoulder
Shank: Metal
Heel lifts: 12-13 oz vegetable tanned crust calf butt
Top lifts: vegetable tanned (1/4 rubber) J. Rendenbach

And that’s a new personal record: 12 different types of leather used (including the top lifts).

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