Handbag: Agneta

As an intermission from shoemaking, I made a vegetable tanned calf handbag for my mother’s birthday.

Agneta handbag.jpg

Unlike my previous bags, this has the feature of an interior pocket. Here’s an inside look:


To make it, I started by cutting out, skiving, burning and painting some 4 oz veg tanned calf pieces for the outside of the bag.

handbag pieces.jpg

I cemented 5 oz latigo tanned reinforcement leather onto the inside of the body of the bag.

handbag assembly.jpg

I folded the upper edges over the reinforcement pieces. Then I lined the side pieces with 2 oz baby calf, and cemented them to the body like shown below.

handbag assembly deux.jpg

I cemented and stitched on the lined top piece of the handbag (also reinforced like the body). I stitched the lined side pieces of the bag. I also put in some reinforcement fabric around the various parts.

handbag almost done.jpg

Then I put in a magnet lock, lined the rest of the bag and put a separately sewn inside pocket into the interior. I stitched the rest of the bag up with 1 mm waxed polyester thread.

Here’s the finished bag in my garden:



  1. Hello
    I hope you are making progress on your last pair of shoes (or maybe you are on holidays, taking a well deserved break from shoemaking..)

    I just wanted to let you know that my blog is now online.

    I present my last pair (semi brogue derby), with a lot of photos and explanations. Unfortunately, it’s in french (for now… I am planning to translate it soon).

    You can find it at: https://ducuiretdubois.wordpress.com

    Best regards


    • Hello Antoine,

      Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the link! I have had less time for shoemaking since summer vacation came to an end a few weeks ago… Congrats on the blog – even though I of course can’t understand it (but google translate can help a little) it looks very nice! Looks like some beautiful work – and that last pair only took some 60 hours? I will be sure to go in and read some more using google translate. 🙂

      Kind regards


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