Alfheim: Summary

Long have I wanted to make this shoe: a full brogue minus the medallion, in dark brown box calf. I give you Alfheim, my 29th pair of adult sized shoes.

This is a summary of the finished shoes – in the construction post I describe how the shoes were made.

The stunningly beautiful boxcalf from Tanneries du Puy (bought via Kolde leder) plays very differently in different lighting, as usual.

It’s not that I hold a grudge against medallions – I’m just in favor of toes.

The wings were designed to follow the shape and curvature of the last.

This is probably the nicest looking pair of outsoles that I’ve done to date.

The waists certainly look black, but are actually a super dark brown.

They are waxed and polished to the point where you can clearly read letters in the reflection. (Here focusing on the “Medaille d’Or 1925”.)


Uppers: Dark brown boxcalf from Tanneries du Puy / Kolde leder
Lining: 2 oz veg tanned baby calf
Insoles: J&FJ Baker buffed insole shoulder, 7-9 iron
OutsolesJ. Rendenbach
Toe/heel stiffeners: 5 oz from Tärnsjö Garveri
Welt: natural welting leather from Leather & Grindery
Shank: Plastic


  1. Your skills and craftsmanship have improved so much. Truly beautiful pair of shoes. Congratulations!


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