Belt #1

As another Christmas gift, I made this belt.

Bälte 1

The belt was made by cutting out and cementing together two strips of vegetable tanned calf, without any overlap on the sides. When the cement had cured, the belt was sanded along the sides as to produce crisp edges to the belt. After that, it was hand painted using Fiebing’s alcohol based leather dye.

When the dye was dry, the belt was hand stitched all around using 0,5 mm nylon thread in a lush orange, and curved needles for the job. It was also reinforced at the buckle with 1 mm waxed polyester thread (otherwise used to welt shoes).


It was presented as a Christmas gift in this box, decorated with hand painted vegetable tanned calf:


(I would have hand stitched the box as well, but in lack of time I just decorated the edges with a silver pen.)

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