Wenngarn: Part 2B

Heel lifts cemented on the shoe, being rough trimmed:

Pulling safely towards the side of the body with the knife.

Heel lifts pegged and nailed, before the top lift:

I didn’t want nails on the outer perimiter of the heel (as I will nail the top lift on along that line), and the wooden pegs didn’t really seem to “take” as well as when pegging the rand. A combination of pegs and nails felt best for this pair.

Top lift cemented and nailed on:

Still a very rough look.

Heel trimmed:

It was lated sanded to a more smooth finish.


Solid lasts were a challenge to unlast. The solution struck me late in the winter night: I had a hook on the terrace I could try. The hole I had previously drilled through the lasts proved useful, and the unlasting was successful. This thanks to a string of 1 mm waxed polyester thread – the same type of thread I used to welt the shoes.




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